Search Results – A Major Benefit of having a Website


Perform a Google search with these 3 words: “insurance jefferson ga”.  The search results are very telling!  West Insurance Group shows up in the local area Google map.  They also show up FIVE more times, 2 on the first page and 3 on the second page.  Those are awesome and staggeringly good results. As you can see, half of the listings are from search engines.  What had to happen first for all this to be possible is…. a WEBSITE!!!


insurance-jefferson-ga-2Google, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, etc. all these search engines run software to find and categorize your business through its website.  To be a part of this game and show up for free in search results, your business must place a professional website online!  For the money spent, a website is a phenomenal investment for your small business.  Let’s get you started today!

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