Hosting Services NOT to Pay For!

 As I deal with small businesses I am constantly hearing the outrage at paying so much for their website hosting services.  I wonder why I pay so little and they pay so much! When I look closer, too many are paying for services they don’t need and not sure they actually ordered!  Look below: $8 per month for email is way too much!  Hosting works out to $13 per month for a total of $21 per month.  My customers and I pay $7 per month for website hosting that includes email!


So here are my tips for new businesses with limited budgets.  You really only need basic domain name registration and basic website hosting that should include email. Also, compare prices… they start you off with low prices and hope you don’t notice the exorbitant renewal prices!  The “Big Box” providers make their money by charging your account for services that your small business could easily do without!  Do not ever feel you have to stay with ANY provider… you can leave in a heartbeat!

You do NOT need:
– Premium domain name registration (there is no such thing!)
– Private domain name registration (your company isn’t big enough yet)
– Privacy Protection (see line above)
– Extra domains (your company isn’t big enough yet)
– Web Forwarding (your company isn’t big enough yet)
– SiteLock or SSL (only if you are certain you are collecting privileged customer info)
– Any type of support plan (this certainly should not cost extra! do I even have to say this?)



Anyway, I hope you found this article helpful… save that money!  Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions for me.

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