Useful and helpful tips for the “technically challenged” business owner


I have been attending small business networking events in an effort to start connecting with business owners in the metro Atlanta area. Now all small business owners have heard the advice of being different so that you stand out from the competition. That advice sounds great but carrying out that advice effectively is not the most simple of tasks. However, at a recent business social mixer, one guest speaker mentioned what I thought was a great idea. “Provide free helpful tips to potential customers!”

And so a new blog is born! It will be my intent to provide what I hope are useful and helpful tips concerning “I/T and tech support” topics for the “technically challenged” business owner! With luck, my articles will help to provide added value to the average small business out there.

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1 thought on “Useful and helpful tips for the “technically challenged” business owner

  1. Who and where are you? I have to keep it simple for my tiny target audience. I’m not looking to compete with Huffington Post! This was more or less my first test blog entry and to introduce the articles to come. Still, I appreciate the time and effort taken to critique my work! Take care…

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