How Social Media can Benefit your Small Business



Today’s small business can and should take advantage of the many technologies available to them.

These technologies include online forums, associations and networking platforms. You know them as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. They are valuable to you as a business owner in that they are a free way to market your brand, products and services to potential customers.

For many businesses, their potential customers are other businesses as in partnerships or sub-contracting. By having a decent profile up and running, your business becomes visible to these potential partners.


For the small business that lacks the information technology expertise to take advantage of these important technologies, let Red Car Software be your I/T savvy support team.

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Setting Facebook privacy settings… the fine print



One of the business services I provide is websites for small businesses. I start by performing a review of their current internet presence by googling the business name as well as the owner’s name.  I was shocked to see so many Facebook pages “open” to me, a complete stranger!  Worse, when I inform my new contact of what I found, they could not understand how that could be possible since their privacy setting is set to “Friends”.

I decided to investigate further and determined the steps to be taken, that will truly restrict who can see your Facebook posts and only to members you expressly give permission to! (You accept a friend request) The key is the question below “Who can see your F-U-T-U-R-E posts?”!  All of your past posts (which are pretty much all of your posts) are still accessible to the public as well as your About information.  Those folks at Facebook are clever little rascals!

Anyway, I created a one-page checklist with the steps to properly lockdown your Facebook page. Since I do not want to incur the legal wrath of Facebook, I will not place it online. If you email me then I will happily send it out to you for your personal use.

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